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Super Splashdown game beta is now freely available to play online. Super Splashdown is a fun, fast paced adventure game that's going to make a splash in the coming months.

It's been a busy week with the new web site launch and game testing. Game art production is in full swing, the finishing touches are being put on game environments and there's been lots play testing. It's busy, busy, busy here at Zippywidget games!

Even as the launch date for Splashdown draws near, the next game has started to take form... Lots of surprises soon to come so stay tuned!

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What is this? Zippywidget is an independent games project built with the Unity game engine.

Top 10 Splashdown Players
Games played on: Challenging
Name Pos Score Date Ctr
gigglemax 14553517/08/17UK
gigglemax 22790017/08/17UK
gigglemax 31348517/08/17UK
newbie 41098017/08/17US
Mammoth 5445517/08/17AU
newbie 6267017/08/17US
newbie 7154517/08/17US
Mammoth 824017/08/17AU
Games played on: Difficult
Name Pos Score Date Ctr
Mammoth 1693017/08/17AU
Mammoth 2607517/08/17AU

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